September 19, 2014


Bass fishing is good. Fish any of the main lake docks and brush. The Rat L Trap and Shad Rap bite is fair. Be sure to use green pumpkin and watermelon red finesse worms. The shaky heads and small jigs will work if the crank bait bite is slow. Put the finesse baits under docks and other shady cover during bright skies. Shad Raps and Rat L Traps can perform well as searching tools in a variety of conditions, but particularly under overcast skies. They will take fish on the bottom when burned out to about 8 or to 10 feet. Should low pressure, clouds, and wind prevail, keep an open mind and look just off the main lake. Top water baits can take shallow fish in the early morning, but that bite will be hit and miss. Lipless baits, Shad Raps and other relatively shallow runners have out preformed top water baits at times.


Jackson Lake Information