August 29, 2014


This Lake Allatoona bass fishing report is from Mat Driver, 404 456 6094

Bass fishing is fair. Allatoona starts a positive transition this month. The last month or so it has been stale and slow to say the least. We are seeing the top water bite on the increase, and as we get cooler nights by the end of the month, it will be on fire. The buzzbait is one of my favorite fall baits on Allatoona. First thing in the morning, fishing the buzzbait parallel to bluff walls and blow downs is the most productive. Make sure the bait is banging off the rocks and wood for the best results. Fish like to feel as if they are trapping the bait against the shoreline. The swim bait bite is slow at the start of the month but gets better by the end. Baits like the 6 inch BBZ, the HPH 6 inch Gizzard and the Triple Trout are hard to beat. The Carolina rig bite gets good by the end of the month as fish roam more and get active. A 4 foot leader, 1 ounce weight and a 3/0 Gamakatsu Skip Gap hook tipped with a green pumpkin Big Bite Fighting Frog is my setup.

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Line side fishing is decent. The fish are on the move and can be caught on any given day from the dam to the flats at the Delta. The north end of the lake seems to be holding more fish than the mid lake flats, but the fish we are catching mid lake are bigger. Down lining live shad at 18 feet off of any main lake point or the humps is your best bet. As the water cools down this month, look for these fish to start to school up. Once this happens the top water bite will be second to none. With the massive shad kill we had this past winter, we are expecting our top water bite this fall to be the best we have seen in years. Trolling is fair. The key to catching these fish is to bottom bump your U rigs on flats with an 18 to 20 foot bottom. The top water bite is good. The better bite seems to be in the afternoon, but we are catching some decent numbers right at sunup. There has been some really good top water action near the dam, and also mid lake from Clear Creek to Galt’s Ferry.

Anglers, we have a book on BASS FISHING LAKE ALLATOONA that has GPS 50 coordinates also. Ask for samples of the book and the coordinates from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Try these two N 34 10 846 W 84 43 128 Good spawning pockets in McCaskey Creek. Use Sammy 100 and *Big swim baits around the schooling fish. N 34 10 294 W 84 43 092 Good spawning area around Bartow County ramp with a Sammy 100 and big swim bait area.

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Robert Edison our Lake Allatoona Line Side reporter and guide.
Robert Edison our Lake Alatoona Line Side reporter and guide

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