January 23, 2015


Bass fishing is fair. Bass are still being caught on the main lake points early. Reese Branch is producing some quality bass. Good road beds with plenty of rock are holding the bass here. The water is deep enough for the bass to go and hide and the points are providing an ample supply of herring for them to feed on. Fish the Rapala DT10 in the shad color and the Glass Shad Rap in the glass shad color. For the ledges and deeper water, use the Rapala #7 and the #5 will work fishing shallow. The Carolina rig catch the cold water fish in the deeper water up the lake near the Little River area. Use a small Zoom lizard in dark colors Use a ½ ounce weight and work the ledges with this rig. Try to find brush piles is the fifteen to twenty foot range. These areas are where the bass like to hang around this time of the year.

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Ken Sturdivant, Lowrance Professional Fishing Staff will be conducting FREE! Sonar Seminars at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville Georgia. Seminars are the last Saturday of each month. All seminars are subject to change without notice.