November 20, 2014


Bass fishing is good. The cold front and the rain that passed quickly through the area slowed the fishing for a few days. The bass are roaming in and out of the coves and creeks and holding to docks and wood throughout these areas. Early in the morning until about mid day crank baits and jerk baits are fair. The jointed Shad Rap in the fire crawdad color along with the suspending shad raps is working. Take these baits and cast them along both sides of the docks and across the front of each dock that you come across. Start at the front of the cove and work to the back. By mid afternoon, use a Zoom U tail worm in the motor oil color and work the docks again. The bass will return and hold to cover and this worm will get those bites during the off feeding times. Rig it up with a 3/16 ounce weight and peg the weight. Use light line no more than 12 pound test and work the docks and wood well. If heavy cover is present on the bottom, swim the worm by using a slow but steady retrieve just off the bottom. Look for shad breaking the surface near the back of the creeks and coves and throw a Fish Head Spin or a small all white Rooster Tail right into the surface activity. The best areas to fish this week are the coves and small feeder creeks that have small flat areas in them. Also deeper water needs to be close by. The bass will roam in and out all during the day return to the deeper water and suspend. The bass are usually isolated with each area only holding one and sometimes two bass per dock or tree.

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