April 18, 2014 


This Lake Lanier Bass report is from Jimbo Mathley. www.jimboonlanier.com 770 642 7764

Bass fishing is fair. The whacky spring weather continues! That seems to be the one constant this spring, crazy weather. More rain and another cold front this week has pushed the fish back once again and caused the lake to rise. Still, the fish can still be found in the back of creeks and on secondary points at the mouth of creek arms as well as pockets near the main creek channels. There are many fish very shallow in the weed lines in the backs of creeks and pockets. A small jig head and worm combo will catch these fish. The main lake fish are moving up shallower on the points and humps. A Davis Shaky Head and a jerk bait have been the most productive lures still this week. The dock bite is still there, particularly when the sun is out, and is getting stronger. The deeper docks have been more productive for us again this week vs. the shallower docks but it is becoming more balanced. Look for the docks in the 10 to 20 foot range at the front to be the best right now and if brush is around, even better. As the water warms, look to those shallower docks to be better producers. There are some fish bedding now, but it is not prevalent everywhere yet. I have the following dates left open in April: 22,25,29,30. I am also booking for May. Give me a call and let’s go fishing!

This Striper report is from Captain Ken West and Captain Mike Maddalena of Big Fish On Service 404 561 2564. www.bigfishonguide.com

Striper fishing is good one day and not so good the next day. It has been hit or miss all week. The fish are moving all over the lake. Full moon, cold fronts, temperatures ranging from the 80's to the 30's and high winds are all contributing factors. They are in open water in the main lake, the mouths of the creeks and mid way back in the creeks to all the way in the back. It also seems like all the fish are loners catching only one fish in one general area. We are not marking many single fish and no multiples. You can spend some time trying to find some bait but the key for me has been "baits in the water". Put out a spread of baits and pull. Free lines pulled behind planner boards and behind the boat at 120 feet back has been the most productive method. You can also pull big baits up on the banks with a combination of big and small baits on your other lines. Again, the key is keeping baits in the water. Hopefully the weather will settle down and we get the fish schooled up on flats and points in the creeks.

This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, President of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. 404 425 4059

Crappie fishing is good. With the unusually cool temperatures we are experiencing this week, water temperatures in the backs of the creeks may drop a little, but should stabilize by the weekend. With the new moon phase, we feel that the majority of the females will be completing their spawn within the next few days. If you are unable to catch fish on the blow downs, your best bet will be fishing around docks at about 20 foot depths. The bite in those areas is more predictable. How do you catch those fish? The best way is to learn the dock shooting technique. You should be ten feet or so away from the dock, with a five to six foot medium action rod, and four pound high visibility test line. Release a length of line about two thirds the length of your rod, and leave the bail in the open position while you are holding the line with one finger. Grab the curve of the hook (below the barb) and bring it toward your body. Keep the base of the rod parallel to the water while pulling the line toward you to sharply bow the tip of the rod. Release the jig and the line at the same time, while aiming toward your target. A good way to practice this method at home is in your driveway, standing about 20 feet from your garage door, with the door cracked open about a foot. Follow the steps above, aiming for the garage door opening. To avoid accidents while you practice, clip the barb of the hook (especially if you have a cat!) By far, all year round, this is the best way to consistently catch crappie on Lake Lanier. Always remember that crappie relate to structure. Put your Lowrance to good use, especially if you have side scan. You can scan docks and mark any structure under the dock. Another fun way to catch crappie is with a popping cork. Your jig should be about two feet below the popping cork. It is critical to throw the cork in or past the weeds, then pop it and reel it very slowly toward you. With both of these methods we recommend 1/24 ounce hair jigs or soft body jigs. For those who prefer live bait, a slip cork and a trusty crappie minnow should put a few fish in the boat. Wear your life jacket; it can save your life!

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RandyHancock-15-52lb-striperRandy's Hancock's 15.52 pound Striper caught on IGFA Ande 4 pound test line is the "NEW" IGFA State Line Class Record. Hammond's Fishing and Boating Center provided the bait and the certified scales for this record fish.


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