October 31, 2014


Bass fishing is good. Shad Raps along with the rocky points and banks are catching a lot of fish. The wind helps really well and the bass are chasing the bait fish as they move in close to the shoreline. During the fall months, give the bass a steady diet of jerk baits. On some mornings, a few fish will be all the way to the back long coves. Pop R’s, Chug Bug’s, buzz baits and weightless Trick worms have all worked well recently. Rat L Traps in the ¼ ounce size and other small crank baits have worked. Watch for small schools of fish surface feeding in the middle of coves, especially near the back. Fish the edges of the main lake points and use the Shad Raps along the rip rap early in the mornings. Be sure to pick the lay downs and brush piles apart with these worms and jigs.

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