August 14, 2014  


Bass fishing is good despite the heat. There is still a good early morning and late evening top water bite with frogs in the grass. Fish any topped out grass beds near deep water with a 3 1/2 inch Big Bite Baits Top Toad in any light color. Swim the frog over the tops of the holes in the grass and wait for explosive strikes. Always, have a 6 inch Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow rigged up for missed strikes. Later in the day when the sun heats the water up move to either Spring Creek or main lake river ledges and look for deep grass. The best spots are near the bends and points of the creek or river ledges. Type of grass will either be milfoil or hydrilla. Fish these spots with either a Texas rigged 6 to 10 inch Big Bite Baits Kriet Tail worm in watermelon seed or a Carolina rigged Big Bite Baits 6 inch finesse worm in watermelon seed. Fish the Texas rig on a ¼ ounce Tungsten sinker and the Carolina rig on a 1 ounce sinker. If fish are actively feeding and there is current present a Spro Little John Baby DD in Nasty Shad works real well in these same areas. Make sure to use a good glass cranking rod with a medium heavy action and Sunline Fluorocarbon FC Sniper 12 lb. line

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Matt Baty
Matt Baty