September 26, 2014


Bass fishing is fair but they are just not biting right now on the lake except for late in the evenings. The morning bite has simply vanished. You can still manage some bites as long as you are in an area that has fish. Grass beds on the main part of the lake have seemed to be the best. The bass are feeding on little tiny schools of shad, and it definitely helps to match the hatch. A Big Bite Baits Cane Thumper 3.5 is perfect for the size of shad that the fish are feeding on. Rig this bait Texas Style on a 2/0 Gamakatsu Superline Hook, a 1/16 Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten Weight and a Fish Catchin Fool bobber stopper. Another decent pattern is to throw top water all day. Use the Spro Dawg 100 or a buzzbait. Also, you need a good reel in order to make long casts to stay away from the fish as far as possible. A Lew’s Speed Spool is the best on the market for this. There are a few grass beds that still submerged that are holding fish. Use your Lowrance Down Imaging to locate these grass humps and use a spinner bait or square bill to catch fish in these areas.

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Matt Baty
Matt Baty