We will teach a FREE! Sonar, class May 28, 2016 at 1pm at the CABELAS in Greenville South Carolina.

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Ken Sturdivant, Lowrance Professional Fishing Staff will be conducting FREE Sonar Seminar at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville Georgia on Saturday June 25, 2016 at 2pm. Seminar is subject to change without notice. Be sure to see the NEW Lowrance machines coming on www.lowrance.com

April 28, 2016


Largemouth and spots are in the spawning mode with the full moon the end of the week. Ninety percent of the spawn will occur during the next month from the April full moon to the May full moon. The bass are back in the coves on shallow banks. A great bait is a lizard that is rigged Carolina style and fished slow on the bottom. There is some top water action starting. The bass will move back out into 10 to 12 feet of water on humps and road beds. Fish are congregating around the white shoal markers, so try fishing these markers for some spawning bass. Fish are roaming the banks and later go to the ends of points. They are shallow around any wood and cast baits to shadows all day. Use a gourd green Zoom u tail worms down lake on Texas rig with a brass and glass on the rig for more sound. Look in the mid lake half way back in the creeks and hit any dock or on points. Brush on the bank is worth at least 5 casts even in the stained water. Up the river the fishing is good and use a 1/2 ounce all white spinner bait and add a large white trailer.

West Point Lake Information


See samples of the New Lowrance HDS Structure Scan Down Scan


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